Gerne würde ich an dieser Stelle eine hochintellektuelle Geschichte veröffentlichen, wie es zur Erfindung des keg stands kam, um meine Teilnahme an dieser Zeremonie zu rechtfertigen. Ich befürchte aber es gibt keine…

Dafür allerdings einen netten Eintrag in Wikipedia, der mir die Peinlichkeit erspart, meine Tat ins Detail zu schildern: “Keg stand is a drinking ritual or game using a beer keg. (A keg is a metal container used to hold beer and other alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.) It is often played in a college or fraternity setting. The object is for the player to drink as much as they can, for as long as they can, without stopping. If in a competitive setting, an agreement is made beforehand about the pressure of the beer coming out. The general pressure setting is for it to be like a „firehose“, or a high-pressure stream.”

Wie funktionierts?

  • The player puts both hands on the keg. Friends pick up the player by the legs and tip them upward, as if they were doing a handstand on the keg.
  • The player wraps their lips around the tap, opens it, and drinks.
  • The surrounding audience and awaiting participants chant the number of seconds that the person is drinking for.
  • The player shakes their leg to signal to friends when they can’t drink anymore and need to get down.



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